25 Incredible Instructors

Elisa-Sebastian Final.jpg

Elisa & Sebastian

Reni and Alejandra.jpg

Reni & Alejandra

Sensual Bachata at its
finest with superb attention to detail.
Ace and Ciara.jpg

Ace & Ciara

The dynamic duo, internationally sought out queer dance instructors with personalities and moves larger than life

Jonathan and Jennifer.jpg

Jennifer Isabel and Jonathan will captivate you with their connection and playfulness on stage and on the Dancefloor.

Tom and Sissy.jpg

Tom & Sissy

Footwork Fantastico.
Superb teachers known for high energy classes that are lots of fun.
Carlos Cinta.jpg

Carlos Cinta

Known as El Cirujano de la Bachata (Bachata surgeon) he uniquely breaks down  Bachata instruments and teaches musicality


Guillermo Reyes

Brings Bachata back to its roots:  Family. He thrives on creating a dance community that is non-judgemental, where individuals can be themselves and have fun.

Daniel and Katie.jpg

Daniel & Kathryn

Kathryn and Daniel  “don’t play”discipline and hard work pays off for their army of students. CNS  has two champions, under the age of 18

Edwin and Dakhota.jpg

Edwin & Dakhota

The “scholars of Bachata” will tantalize your senses with Dominican rhythms, history and  culture.

Adam Taub.jpg

Adam Taub

Deepen your passion and love for Bachata by immersing yourself in the musicality, footwork and partnerwork of Adam's innovative classes.

Rey Adan.jpg

Rey Adan

Rey loves Teaching his students to find the joy of dancing within themselves.

Fafa and Amina 400.jpg

Fafa & Amina

Flavor for days!!! Body movement and flow that will hypnotize you. You can’t get enough when watching them grace the dance floor.

Pierre and Alejandra.jpg

Pierre & Alejandra

If you’ve ever wanted to begin dancing or improve your expertise, taking one of Pierre’s classes is the place to start!

Anastasia and Lamar.jpg

Anastasia & Lamar

International instructor offering advanced, highly detailed technique for sensual body and head movements utilizing her knowledge of Brazilian Zouk and other dance forms.

Arturo and Hannah.jpg

Arturo & Hannah

Vladi y Ximena 400.jpg

Vladi & Ximena

Tayler Stinnett Sensual Movement New Yor

Taylor Stinnett

Their passion for sensual Bachata, humor, and emphasis on being eternal students, makes learning with them a blast!

Oksana Gorban Sensual Movement New York

Oksana Gorben

Dmitriy and Svetlana Sensual Movement Ne

Dimitriy & Svetlana

Anastasia and Jovanny Sensual Movement O

Anastasia & Jovanny